What is MKW?

Well, the clue’s right there in the name; it’s a blog site with reviews and other stuff that may be of interest to people who enjoy building scale models.

I used to build kits back in the 60s ands 70s and I got back into it farily recently. And here’s the thing – I find that I tend to enjoy building older kits more than some new versions. I suppose there are a number of reasons for that, namely that there is a big chunk of nostalgia in working on a kit that I remember from my teenage years. However, I also find that I just prefer the older kits. I don’t care for a bazillion tiny decals or a plethora of miniscule parts that end up feeding the ever-voracious carpet monster.

Older kits tend to be simpler and, for me at least, there is something very appealing about that. If you want to argue that, for example, a current Dragon tank kit is better than a 1970s Tamiya version, I can’t really, logically disagree. All I can say Is that I generally enjoy building the older kits more. I started thinking about this when I built two small-scale tank kits, the Airfix 1/76 Sherman from 1961 and the Dragon 1/72 Sd.Kfz.231 from 2012 (you can find reviews of both here). The Dragon kit is better is every measurable way (except price), unsurprising since it’s more than fifty years younger the the Airfix Sherman. Yet I had far more fun building the Sherman and was happier with the finished result. Hey, I didn’t claim that it made sense! But I wonder if there are other kit-builders out there who feel the same?

MKW is not affiliated with any group, manufacturer, seller or body. It’s just me. So, what you get are honest and unbiased reviews and some fairly random thoughts on scale modelling, life, the universe and everything.

I don’t sell kits, supplies or anything else and most of the kits reviewed here are purchased with my own cash. That’s helpful because, if a kit is good, I can tell you that. But if a kit, or elements of a kit, aren’t so good, I can tell you that too without the worry that I might offend someone who might then stop providing me with kits for review. The purpose of the site is simply to share information with and between people interested in scale modeling.

I don’t claim to be an expert kit builder and I’m on a journey of re-discovery of the joys and challenges of scale modelling. I welcome comments from fellow modellers. Likes are really helpful too – if you enjoy an article leave a like. It helps me to know what works and what doesn’t.

Use the Contact button above to get in touch or add comments to any post. Tell me where I have gone wrong. Tell me if I have gone right. Tell me how I can do it better. I’m old enough and experienced enough to know that I’m never going to be an award-winning model builder, but I do hope to learn. With your help…

You’ll find a lot of stuff about AFV kit making here. The reason is pretty simple; I like building small scale tanks and other AFVs. No special reason other than that I find things like masking and the need to apply what feels to me like hundreds of tiny decals kind of tiresome, so that tends to make me steer away from many current aircraft kits.

I also have a personal connection to AFVs; I have never served in the military but my father spent World War Two in the Scots Guards as a tanker in the Guards Armoured Division where he fought from Normandy to the final surrender of Germany. I was always fascinated by the stories he told and perhaps that’s where I first got interested in the AFVs of World War Two?

I have a day job, and this site and kit building are just a hobby, so it will take time to add content to the site. If you have a kit or other review you want to contribute, or ideas for reviews or other articles, that would be great – please get in touch.

If you have a kit or other modelling supply, accessory or tool you want to have reviewed – please get in touch. I can’t promise a positive review, but I do promise a detailed, unbiased and honest review.

I hope you enjoy MKW. 

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