My Books

When I’m not wrestling with plastic kits, my day job is writing. I have been a professional writer for around eight years now. It sure doesn’t pay much, but there is nothing I’d rather be doing to pay the bills. But, most of the 150 or so non-fiction books I have produced have been ghost-written for clients around the world, so you won’t see my name on the cover.

However, I do occasionally get the time to write my own books which I publish via Amazon. I’m currently working on the Armour at War series, books that look at tanks of World War Two. It covers the historical context that led to their creation, the process of design and looks at how they performed in combat. Who knows, they might even be of interest to readers of Model Kit World…

The links below lead to pages that give a more detailed description of each book and include links to Amazon.

The First Cruisers: A9 Cruiser Tank Mk. I and A10 Cruiser Tank Mk. II.

Old School kits for Old School Kit Builders

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