Scooby Doo Haunted House – Part 3

The next step in building this sort-of diorama is constructing the staircase and first-floor level.

The stairs themselves are made from small wooden sticks purchased from a local craft shop – essentially, these are lolly sticks. Then, I add a framework of thick card to give the structure some strength.

Now that it’s in place, I can see that maybe the stairs are a little narrow and a bit steep. But do you know what? I don’t really care! One of things that I’m enjoying most about this build is that it’s completely freestyle. There are no instructions to follow and in truth, what I’m building isn’t really a scale model at all – it’s a movie set for the Playmobil characters.

I add the first floor level and a simple balustrade, and with that, the staircase and first-floor are pretty much done.

The door under the stairs opens (and the portrait hides a clue, too).

With that, it’s time to finish the last few details. A large dresser will hide the secret door on the ground floor.

A bookcase on the first floor has a clue in it too…

And here’s the finished haunted house (except, in the best Scooby Doo traditions, it isn’t really haunted at all…).

Usually at this point, I’d be showing you more pictures of the completed model. Instead, here’s a link to my completed Scooby Doo YouTube homage video, made by joining together photographs of the Playmobil characters on the completed set. It’s just 3 and a half minutes long, so why not take a look:

After Action Report

You know what? This was fun. I found it less stressful than many of the kits I have built recently and the fact that it was completely freeform and built mostly using stuff I had around the house meant that if I messed anything up (which I often did) I could simply make a new part.

Does that mean that I won’t be building any more kits? Not necessarily, but it has made me rethink my whole approach to making stuff and especially about the fun factor. I found some of my recent attempts at kits frustrating and a little negative. This was entirely different and it turned out to be a positive experience, and that’s what I look for most of all in a hobby.

So, if you’re feeling a little jaded with kit-building, maybe it’s time for something completely different? That doesn’t mean that you too have to revert to your childhood as I did, but perhaps something just for fun might not be too out of place?

Go, give it a try!

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